James Datis: Lead Vocals, Guitar, & Bass
Chris W. Cody: Bass, Guitar & Vocals
M. Sean Miller: Drums, Guitars, & Vocals
Chris Gianettino: Guitars & Vocals
"Sticky Stranglets is an alternative rock band from Oklahoma City. The band’s debut record, Scissor Hissy, is an ode to doing things yourself; the band recorded, produced, and released the album completely on their own. Sonically, Sticky Stranglets are a band that sounds like they grew up on and love them some ‘90s alternative rock. Depending on the song, Scissor Hissy goes from a fuzzy Smashing Pumpkins vibe to a funky Faith No More vibe to a bouncy Dave Matthews Band vibe. There are also darker hints of things like Type O Negative (see “Inertia”) and a smidgen of Alice In Chains meets Morrissey (on “There Is”). What Sticky Stranglets does well is mixes these divergent influences to create a sound and vibe that is all their own. I’m definitely interested to see what this band does next."
     - Dave Brown, OIklahoma Lefty (Apr 15, 2012)


Sticky Stranglets' new single Smellin' Evil (released August 7th, 2012) is the band's first professionally produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered song. It was recorded in Atlanta,Georgia at Universal Recording Studios/Pendlwood for Capitol USA. Smellin' Evil is one of five tracks that will be on the EP (and LP) to be recorded for and Capitol USA. The band will also be returning to Atlanta in The Fall of 2013 to cut six more tacks to be released as an LP album with the previous tracks. Smellin' Evil is also featured on the self-released EP, Corn Dog Bones. Also this Spring, the band will release the remainder of their self-recorded tracks on a split EP entitled Bath Salt Babies, a joint venture with good friend Maria Fantasma(Ryan Wallace) of Okie Indie Music Hub.

 The promotional and marketing support from these crucial contributors, along with and Okie Indie Music Hub, the band plans to support the album with local, regional and national tours and festivals.

With the band being an unusual creature, Smellin' Evil mixes Alt-Psyche creativity with Indie-Rock sensibility, creating a sound that has rocked Oklahoma. The record truly captures the raw energy and untapped potential that this emerging group has to offer with gritty attitude and a dark, entertaining sense of humor.  The boys will be headed back to Atlanta this Fall to finish the record, to be released shortly after.

I was attending an "Art-Walk" at The Velvet Monkey in The Plaza District in late 2009. My first band from high school, Psymbience was playing and I ran into my old buddy, James Datis, who I knew from my Alseep, Audience ... Dream days in The Paseo Art District at our rehearsal spot. James would tend bar at shows there and he also went on our regional tours to help us out with camera work, gear, and other various tasks.

I had my first solo gig the following month and needed to book an opener ... I asked James if he wanted the gig (his first!).  From there, we played the solo show and just started working on the project together. We played a couple of gigs around town as "Sticky Stranglets" which, essentially , consisted of James on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar for his solo songs, with me on Bells, and vice-versa.

We were loaned a 24-track Digital Recorder from a good friend for our debut album.  I recruited my close friend and former band mate, M. Sean Miller, to play Drums, Guitars and help produce and engineer the record. He's been jamming with us ever since. Sean was instrumental in solidifying us as a band. While finishing up the recoding sessions, we decided to do an tripped-out jam song that we would invite our friends in on. One of these friends was my brother-in-law, Chris Gianettino. I knew he could play guitar, so he started jamming with the regular group and has been with us since then.

"Someone named Captain C-Note sent me a link to their music video for the track “Topsy Turvy World".  With all apologies to Red City Radio, Josh Sallee and the Non, they now may be my favorite local band.
     - Patrick James, The Lost Ogle (Jul 02, 2012)

     CHRIS W. CODY AT (405) 361-7777   
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